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Project USEM


User Empowerment in Standardisation

Short description

Through the process of standardisation the quality and usability of products can be guaranteed. To come to a user friendly product, users are participating in the standardisation process. Since products are not automatically user friendly for disabled users, their needs should be represented by the making of standards. To have such a user centred approach, these users will have to participate in the standardisation process equally. To be able to fulfil the role as equal partner in this process, knowledge about the process, their role and responsibilities must be gained. Therefore USEM stands for the empowerment of disabled and elderly users to participate equally in the processes of standardisation.


The project aims:

  • To design a core curriculum for the training of end-users using the FORTUNE concept.
  • To qualify more users with disabilities and elderly, which can represent formal and established user organisations, for the participation in European standardisation.
  • To qualify more users with disabilities for the participation in the design and assessment of European standardisation.
  • To improve the exchange of experiences by user information networking between different user groups on a European level.
  • To increase the level of interaction with user societies between the EU countries and the European Disability Forum (EDF).
  • To disseminate information and encourage the uptake of new standards.
  • To actively involve disabled and elderly people in the whole process of standardisation in IST (Information Society Technology).
  • To get users involved in European standardisation activities.

An up to date and more detailled project description can be found at the USEM site

Focus at FTB

  • Responsible partner for work package 4 "Dissemination and Networking"
  • Coordination of dissemination activities
  • Layout, design and maintanence of the USEM project homepage
  • Design, creation and production of information material

Project partners

Project details

  • Duration: 4/2007 - 9/2009 (30 months)
  • Funding: co-funded by the European Commission within the 6th Framwork Programme.

Contact persons at FTB

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bühler (Leiter des Forschungsinstituts)
  • Dr. Christian Radek

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