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Telecommunication / Teleworking


  • MobileAge - Co-creation of mobile information services for seniors based on open data (2016-2019, EU)
  • DELFIplus - Enhancement of DELFI taking into account travellers with reduced mobility (2013-2017, national)
  • NAMO - Seamless Barrier-free Information and Mobility Chains for Elder People (2012-2015, national)
  • BAIMplus - More Mobility for All by Information for All (2008-2010, national)
  • eGovMoNet - eGovernment Monitor Network (2008-2010, EU)
  • eGovMon - eGovernment Monitor (2008-2011, Norway)
  • BAIM Barrier-free Information on Public Transportation for Mobility-Impaired People (2005-2008, national)
  • ASK-IT Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users (2004-2008, EU)
  • CELLULAR - ENSURING ACCESS FOR ALL - The role of Telecommunications Systems for Elderly and those with Special Needs
  • TEDIS - TEleworking for DISabled people
  • AVISE - (trAVail dIStancE), tele-work
  • ACTIVE - Access to Teleactivities for Promoting Employment
  • CCA - Qualification of disabled people to Call Center Agents
  • DELICATE - Distance Learning and Career Advice for people with special needs on Automation Technologies and Industrial Environments
  • TELEMATE - Telematic Multidisciplinary Assistive Technology Education

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