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Assistive Technology Equipment in the Demonstration and Test Dwelling

Constructional environment

Picture of the Livingroom, click to enlarge
The Livingroom of the Test Dwelling

  1. frame construction without supporting interior walls
  2. overall size of the flat: approx. 80 sqm
  3. usage of moveable walls (Vario-Walls) to adjust the room size to individual requirements and to set up different flat layouts
  4. living room flooring suitable for wheelchairs
  5. anti slip flooring in the sanitation area
  6. level shower
  7. divers grab handles and supports in the sanitation area
  8. shallow washbasins with frontal indention and with build-in waste trap
  9. several washbasin taps
  10. special door and window handles which can easily be used by a person using a wheelchair
  11. flexible wiring of the flat using cable ducts and the dropped ceiling
  12. remote door opener with divers controlling options
  13. remote window opener with divers controlling options
  14. glare free lighting
  15. contrast rich composition of the rooms

Technical environment

Kitchen Area

Picture of the kitchen, click to enlarge
The Kitchen of the Test Dwelling

  1. kitchen suitable for people who use a wheelchair:
    • underridable and motorised vertically adjustable work plates; safety devices below the plates which stop the movement of the plates when tripped
    • vertically adjustable overhead cupboards: the motorised overhead cupboards can be lowered onto the work plate, it is also possible to move the cupboards towards the use to improve accessibility; safety devices below the cupboard which stop the movement of the cupboard when tripped; glass shelves; hinges which allow for 180° opening of the cupboard doors
    • underridable cooker with hot plates being positioned side by side and with controls reachable while being seated
    • partially underridable oven: the oven's door is swivel mounted and can be opened to one side; there is heatproof plate beneath the oven which can be pulled out
    • partially underridable cupboard
    • underridable sink with tilted wall for easy slip in of dishes
    • drawers in the corner cupboard
    • swivelling work plates
    • manually operated lift in the tall cupboard
  2. seating and standing aids
  3. several aids for everyday life:
    • cutlery
    • crockery
    • kitchen or cooking aids such as decantation aids, fruit knives, breakfast plates, bottle opener, tray, anti-slip saucer and sheets.
    • drinking aids
    • eating aids
  4. several standard electrical appliances:
    • microwave oven
    • refrigerator
    • coffee-/tea maker
    • dish washer
    • washing machine / tumble dryer
Living / Working / Sleeping Area

Picture of the Bedroom, click to enlarge
The Bedroom of the Test Dwelling

  1. several seating items
  2. motorised vertically adjustable desks
  3. partially underridable cupboards
    • drawers
    • manually operated coat hanger lift
    • folding doors
  4. motorised adjustable hospital bed with bedside cabinet
  5. several mobility aids:
    • ceiling mounted lifting equipment in the living room, the sleeping room and one bathroom
    • mobile (trolley mounted) person lifting equipment
    • standing up supports
    • turn table
    • sliding boards
  6. trolley
  7. desk equipped with a personal computer
  8. several assistive technology items for day to day living:
  9. aids for getting dressed, e.g. aids for putting on a coat, aids for putting on stockings
    • grip supports
    • writing aids
    • reading aids
    • fixture to increase the height of furniture
    • shopping trolley
  10. several telephones:
    • telephone with large keys and an emergency call function
    • telephone with photos (instead of numbers) as keys
  11. several games:
    • "Pack of Cards" with large symbols and a playing card holder
    • "Pick Up Sticks" game with large sticks
    • "Memory" game (from around 1930)
    • "Domino" game with large gaming pieces
  12. several standard electrical appliances:
    • television set
    • DVD player
    • VCR
    • stereo player
Sanitation Area

Foto eines Teils des Badezimmers, zum Vergrössern bitte anklicken
The Bathroom of the Test Dwelling

  1. shower toilets:
    • different modes of operation
    • standing up support
  2. several vertically adjustable toilet seats
  3. motorised vertically adjustable washbasin
  4. tilting mirrors
  5. several toilet and shower wheelchairs:
    • for autonomous drivers
    • as a wheelchair to be pushed
  6. mobile hand grips
  7. several aids in day to day living:
    • shower stool
    • shower chairs
    • body care aids, e.g. nail brush, brushes with specially moulded grips

In the other sanitation area which does not belong to the demonstration dwelling the following items are on display:

  1. bathtub
  2. bathtub lift with suitable transfer aids
  3. several bathing aids
    • swivel mounted bath tub seat
    • bathing boards
    • bathing hand grip
    • bathing brush


  1. distress call device
  2. smoke detector
  3. water alarm

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