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Project Di-Ji

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Digitally informed – integrated in the job (Di-Ji)

Short description

Di-Ji aims to raise awareness regarding barriers in the daily work routine and to educate the general public of the purpose of accessibility issues. The project would like to emphasize the benefits of an accessible product to software developers and providers of web services. The effectiveness of accessibility shall be increased and observed using a qualitative point of view. Especially access to information and communication technology is essential for everybody in the modern information society – in particular in the work environment.

A full description of the project could be found on the Di-Ji-website


The project Di-Ji pursues the following goals:

Secure access to the professional environment

In particular job and training related digital offers as well as the daily professional life shall be accessible to all people independent of their diverse disabilities.

Remove digital barriers

All digital offers shall be freed from technical obstacles so that people with disabilities are not excluded.

Improve quality

The accessibility of digital offers must be checked regularly. A high standard of quality has to be secured sustainably.

Set up of a framework

A guide provides a better understanding of online contents. Target agreements and agreements on integration establish a level of commitment.

Raise public awareness

The social and economic advantages of digital offers which are accessible and set up according to the principles of Universal Design shall be made known to the general public.

Promote Universal Design

The development of digital services in the professional environment shall be supported according to the specifications of Universal Design.

Registration office for digital barriers

Inaccessible text documents, problematic web applications, software barriers or problems using information or service terminals?
Please report digital barriers to us! People affected by digital barriers can report them to the registration office by email, phone, telefax or via the internet.

Focus of FTB

  • Managment of the project office
  • Maintenance and further development of the project website
  • Information and advisory service for providers of relevant job-related services which are supplied by information techniques

Project partners

Project dates

funded by: the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)

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