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Project MOBIL

(Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Aid for Elderly People with Combined Motor and Mental Impairment)

Short description

Bild des MOBIL-System als Aufstehhilfe
the MaxiMOBIL system as
an aid for standing up

A technically and functionally integrated modular system for the home is developed and validated which is adaptable to the needs of individual users and enhance or enable a more independent daily living. The system base is a walking aid, equipped with a tray-system and integrated level equalization. Integral part is an intuitive and easy-to-use stimulating human-machine-interface. A component of the HMI is a daytime management system, which is intended to support people with minor loss of memory. The basic system can be enlarged in a modular way with force-sensor controlled powered wheels, sensoric system (collision avoidance), and a semi-autonomous mode (servant mode, e.g. for following people which need assistance in carrying).

Focus of FTB

  • User involvement (user group, user requirements analysis, evaluation
  • Concept of MaxiMOBIL and MiniMOBIL
  • Concept and implementation of the day-time manager

Project partners

  • FernUniversität Hagen - Lehrstuhl Prozeßsteuerung und Regelungstechnik PRT, Hagen, Germany (general project leader)
  • Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari di Perfezionamento Sant' Anna, Pisa, Italy
  • Domus Acedemy srl, Milano, Italy
  • Rehab Robotics Ltd., Stoke-on-Trent, UK
  • Oxford Intelligent Machines Ltd., Oxford, UK
  • Euroflex System AB, Huddinge, Sweden

MOBIL Prototyp
a laboratory prototype of the
powered version of the
MOBIL-system (MiniMOBIL)


  • Christian Bühler, Helmut Heck, Janus Nedza, Rainer Wallbruch:
    Evaluation of the MOBIL Walking & Lifting Aid.
    in: C. Marincek, Ch. Bühler, H. Knops, R. Andrich (Eds.): Assistive Technology Added Value to the Quality of Life. Amsterdam Berlin Oxford Tokyo Washington/DC: IOS Press, 2001; ISBN 1-58603-195-3; pp. 210?215

Project data

Duration: 7/1998 - 4/2001

Funding: co-funded by the European Commission within the IST-Programme of the 5. Framework Programme.

Contact persons at FTB

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