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Project KommAS

Communication Aid for Elderly People with Aphasia.

Short description

In aphasic disturbances which are diseases mainly affecting older people, areas in the speech centre are involved. Because of the severely limited speech capacity, communication either does not take place or only with difficulties. This often leads to exclusion and social isolation, especially for elderly people.

The aim of the project is to develop a computer-supported communication aid for aphasics in old age. It makes communication possible already at the beginning of aphasia treatment so that even elderly people with aphasia can still take part in social life. The system is designed for the particular needs and interests of this group of people; furthermore it offers the possibility for individual, self-controlled speech exercises, which can also be carried out in the home setting, as well as memory aids.

Cooperation partners

  • People with aphasia and therapists in various therapy and rehabilitation facilities
  • User organisations; e.g. Bundesverband für die Rehabilitation der Aphasiker e.V.


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Project data:

Duration: 12/1995 - 9/1998

Funding: co-funded by German Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women, and Youth.

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