Forschungsinstitut Technologie und Behinderung Project IMMEDIATE






Integrated System for Mobility and Manipulation for Disabled People

Short description

Project goals comprise:

  • the demonstration of integrated aids for mobility, manipulation, and computer access; all applying the M3S-Bus system,
  • the evaluation of six different mobile platforms; each consisting of an electrical wheelchair, a robot manipulator, a computer/ environmental control/ navigation system, and and operating device,
  • the information dissemination among end-users, manufacturers, funding institutions, and rehabilitation facilities on the chances and advantages of integrated systems

Project partners

  • TNO Institute of Applied Physics, Netherlands (general project leader)
  • Commissariat a l'Energy Automique, France
  • Exact Dynamics, Netherlands
  • IRV Institute for Rehabilitation Research, Netherlands
  • SSSA Scuola Superiore di studi e die perfezionamento S. Anna, Italy
  • FST Fondation Suisse pour les Teletheses, Switzerland
  • SINTEF Senter for Industriforskning, Norway


  • Integration von Rollstuhl und Handhabungssystem zur Unterstützung von Menschen mit Handicap.
    Bühler, Ch., in: Tagungsband der 9. Fachgespräche über autonome mobile Systeme (AMS),
    München, Oktober 1993, pp. 17 - 26.
  • Integration of a robot arm with a wheelchair.
    Bühler, Ch., presentation ati: IEEE/RSJ/GI International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems;
    12.-16. September 1994; München.

Project data

Duration: 12/1992 - 11/1995

Funding: co-funded by  the European Commission within the SPRINT-Programme.

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