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This webpages were designed in accordance with the German Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (BITV). Therefore people with disabilities should be able to use this pages without restrictions. If you have any problems in accessing the content of this webpages despite all of our efforts, please contact us:



For easier navigation with keyboard some navigation points of this webpages are provided with shortcuts.

Alt + 0:
to startpage
Alt + 1
to top of the current page
Alt + 6
to sitemap
Alt + 8
to content of the page

For the selection of a shortcut please use the Alt-key with the stated shortcut and press the Enter-key.

If you are using the Opera-Browser please use the Shift-key + Esc-key instead of the Alt-key. If you are using an Apple Macintosh system please use the CRTL-key instead the Alt-key.

Note: To use the Browser menu with shortcuts, e.g Alt+E for "Edit", you have to release the Alt-key before pressing "E".

Enlargement of text

Screenshot of the view-menu of Internet Explorer This website is designed in a way that the text could be zoomed with functions of the browser.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer you could adjust the textsize by choosing the menu-points "view - font size - very big". In other browsers, like Mozilla Firefox you could use the menu-point " view - zoom font size".

Versteckte Sprungmarken

Screenshot of the link -to main navigation- Several links are included at the beginning of a page, which are not conspicuous by using the mouse. But if you are using the keyboard it might be faster by using this hidden links. For blind people with a screenreader, this links are automatically read at the beginning of a page. For other users, who are navigating via keyboard the active links are shown on the right side on the top of the page above the FTB-Logo.

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