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Project ETNA


European Thematic Network on Assistive Information and Communication Technologies (ETNA)

Short description

The network coordinates the implementation of a European Web Portal on assistive information and communication technologies (ICT).

A more detailed project description is provided on the ETNA web site.


The Web Portal will provide information on:

  • assistive ICT products on the European market,
  • related services, and
  • active organisations.

Focus of FTB

  • assessment of information needs
  • mapping of existing resources
  • ontologies of products and components
  • usage of the web portal

Project partners

The network consists in total of 23 European partners and is coordinated by Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi Onlus (FDCGO), Milan, Italy.

Contact persons at FTB

  • Dr.-Ing. Helmut Heck (head of FTB development centre)
  • Michael Hubert, BSc. Occ. Ther.


Project dates

  • Duration: 1/2011 - 12/2013
  • Funding: co-funded by the European Commission within the CIP-ICT-PSP-2009-4 programme under the grant agreement 270746

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