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Project EJO

Electronic Job-Coach - Barrierfree Information Technology


The vocational potentials of people with disabilities are often not recognized with the consequence that their integration into the primary labor market is difficult or even denied. On the other hand, in view of the demographically justified, imminent lack of skilled workers, it is necessary to mobilize all existing work potential. Especially people with cognitive limitations (for example, problems with short-term memory and problems of understanding logical or complex processes) should be employed more in the first job market in the future. Due to their limitations, however, they are often unconfident and cannot work efficiently without direct instructions.

Description of Work

The project takes on these requirements and devotes itself to the prototypical development and implementation of an "electronic job coaches", which keeps necessary steps in the work process available again and again and shows the current parameters depending on the situation. Thus, a largely independent work without constant inquiries is possible. Users are primarily "forwarders" from facilities for medical treatment or rehabilitation.

Focus of FTB

  • provision of the server infrastructure for the application
  • technical prototype development of the system based on technical preliminary developments by TU Dortmund
  • design of the job coach
  • Creation of content for the roles "job coach" and "employee"
  • collection of feedback, gradual revisions and best practices
  • productive operation of the application by third parties (vocational envirnoments)
  • creation of a project web page

Project Partners

The consortium is actively supported by enterprises of the region.

Contact Persons at FTB

  • Dr.-Ing. Helmut Heck (head of FTB development centre)
  • B. Sc. Inform. Frank Berker


Project Data

  • Duration: 11/2016 (accession of FTB) - 5/2019
  • Funding: co-funded by Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR)