Forschungsinstitut Technologie und Behinderung Project CAi





Project CAi

Communication assistance for handicapped, not-speaking humans.


Objective is the development of comwares and - assistance for persons, who are not due to their physical or mental handicap able, for speaking or liquid for writing.

First results of CAi:

  • In co-operation with the University of Dortmund, Department of education science and rehabilitation, became in a public assignment use and possibilities of in Germany admitted communication assistance for pupils with infantile Cerebralparese and their special interests examined. The results were published as book.
  • BASCO is a modular structured electronic communication assistance, that is characterised by its various possibilities of adaptation to the interests of different users.
  • With the environmental control COCKPIT different electrical devices in the house slackly (e.g. TV, Hifi systems, lamps, door opener, etc.) can be served. It is combinable with BASCO.
  • For PCs exist the UNI-FACE mouse and UNI-FACE mouse-keys.
  • FTB-WinTalk is enabled a speech program, an acoustic output from any Windows applications.
  • Together with the Department of computer science of the University Essen in the context of a thesis (diploma) a write system for handicapped humans was developed.

Further emphasis of CAi:

  • Systematic methods are compiled, in order to enter the operating possibilities of communication assistance for handicapped humans better
  • Additionally training course and training methods for the introduction and handling electronic communication assistance and concepts for consultation are developed


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