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Project BIT-NRW


Modular Application Platform for Barrier-free Information Technology in North-Rhine-Westfalia.

Legal basis and motivation

By putting the law "Landesbehindertengleichstellungsgesetz" (BGG NRW) into force, the German federal state of North-Rhine-Westfalia (NRW) has established the legal framework to demand a barrier-free information access for all citizens in NRW and to avoid a two-classes society with respect to information access. The consequent application of modern technology to remove or to overcome barriers must be considered in order to implement this goal.

Description of work

Upcoming technologies for human-computer interaction as well as new or alternative fields of application are investigated and developed on the basis of a modular application platform for barrier-free information technology. The application platform enables us to realize innovative concepts and ideas for human-computer interaction in co-operation with disabled users.

A wide spectrum of information, advice, and services is provided for people with disabilities, their relatives, as well as for rehabilitation professionals:

  • User requirements analysis; especially the investigation of the not met requirements.
  • Individual advice.
  • Demonstration and self-experience of technical aids.
  • Development of individual solutions for severely disabled persons.
  • Development of free software.
  • Information on methods, design guidelines and technical aids for the operation of computer-based devices for users and ergonomists via a web portal.

The application platform is being developed and the corresponding services are provided to citizens of NRW over a period of 3 years.

There will be a special focus in each year:

  1. Technical aids for the operation of PCs.
  2. Barrier-free internet browsing.
  3. Operation elements for telecommunication and smart home devices.

Project data

Duration: 11/2004 - 4/2008

Funding : co-funded by

Contact persons at FTB

  • Dr.-Ing. Helmut Heck (head of FTB development centre)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bühler (head of institute)

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