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Project Barrieren-MeMo

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Barrieren-MeMo - Notifying and Monitoring of Digital Accessibility Barriers

Description of Work

The project runs a "National Helpdesk for Digital Accessibility and Accessibility Monitoring". It aims to increase and sustain accessibility in information and communication processes within a job and work related context, in order to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The helpdesk intervenes when people report poor accessibility regarding web sites, online documents, software, information and service terminals. The helpdesk informs the organization responsible for the product or service where the problems are encountered and requests to remove digital barriers in order to improve accessibility. This process often includes the provision of additional advice on how to render a product or service accessible.

In addition to improving accessibility this project features an exemplary long term accessibility monitoring of web sites in order to be able to intervene as soon as a deterioration of accessibility is detected. Web sites selected for this part are chosen with an emphasis on work and job related portals.

Focus of  FTB

  • development and technical operation of an online notifying system
  • development of an app for notifying digital barriers in public terminal systems
  • monitoring of web sites related to vocation

Project Partners

  • Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein / Forschungsinstitut Technologie und Behinderung (FTB), Germany
  • Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfe von Menschen mit Behinderung und chronischer Erkrankung und ihren Angehörigen e.V. (BAG Selbsthilfe)

The consortium is actively supported by

Project Data

  • Duration: 1/2014 - 03/2017
  • Funding: co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) from resources of the Equalisation Fund under the grant agreement 01KM141104

Contact Persons at FTB

  • Dr. phil. Dipl.-Inform. Birgit Scheer
  • Dipl.-Psych. Rainer Wallbruch