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Project ASK-IT

Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired users.

Short description


The objective of the ASK-IT project is to develop technical aids, information means and a range of services for mobility handicapped persons (blind, visually impaired, physically impaired, ill people, analphabets etc.) and to implement these in 7 European cities. The technical aids, information and services shall be available and accessible out-doors and during travelling ("ambient intelligence") and by this improve the means and possibilities for mobility of the target groups.

Description of work

The Integrated Project consists of 5 Sub-Projects:

  • Content for All.
  • Tools for All.
  • Ambient Intelligence Framework.
  • Accessible Europe.
  • Horizontal Activities.

A detailled project description can be found at the ASK-IT site.

Focus of FTB

  • Analysis of the available and needed integrated services for mobility handicapped people. 
  • Modelling of a information service infrastructure.
  • Development and integration of technical aids for mobile human-computer-interfaces.

Project partners

  • More than 50 project partners in total from 15 European countries (Greece, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus).
  • Project leader: Siemens S.A., Spain.
  • Technical/scientific leader: CERTH, Greece.

Project data

Duration: 10/2004 - 9/2008

Funding: co-funded by the European Commission within the IST-Programme of the 6th Framework Programme.

Contact persons at FTB

  • Dr.-Ing. Helmut Heck (head of FTB development centre)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Bühler (head of institute)

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