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Project AbI

Internet for all

The Internet opens completely new possibilities to about 7 million people with disabilities living in Germany, to participate in society. Unfortunately, there are often technical problems, which exclude them from using the "World Wide Web".

Therefore, the Federal Government of Germany adopted the decree of "Barrier Free Information Technology" (BITV - Barrierefreie Informationstechnik Verordnung) within the framework of the BBG (law on equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities) in 2002. With the aid of the BITV every citizen - whether with or without a disability - should be able to access the same information and to use all offered services.

The AbI-Project

In the "Aktionsbündnis für barrierefreie Informationstechnik" (AbI - Alliance for barrier free Information Technology) representatives from science, economy and administration are working actively beside organisations of people with disabilities.


Increase awareness of the general public
With press actions citizens, businesses and institutions should be made aware of the social and economic advantages of a barrier free internet.
Remove technical barriers

All web-sites should be free from technical barriers in order not to exclude people with disabilities.
Ensure access to employment

Accessibility of all job relevant internet pages for users with different disabilities should be a top priority.
Provision of help for web-designers

Special software and tools for web-designers are developed or localised by AbI, to remove access barriers for people with disabilities.
Quality Assurance

The quality of barrier free internet pages has to be checked permanently.

Active for an Internet for all

The organisations constituting AbI are working closely together in the following fields:

  • Public relations
  • Quality assurance and standards
  • Education and training
  • Policy advice

AbI actively supports software developers and web-designers as well as people with disabilities and their associations by the implementation of barrier free information technology.


Important information about AbI can be found at All partners and official supporters of the project are listed there.

Tips and references to create barrier free internet pages can be found at the information portal of the AbI-Project at Furthermore the portal informs about the current German legislation and guidelines and the decree of the "barrier free information technology".

Last Updated at Tuesday, 06 February 2007