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Project accessibilitiy agency (Agentur Barrierefrei) NRW

Short description

picture of a brochure of the accessibilitiy agency (Agentur Barrierefrei) NRW

Aim of the project is the promotion of comprehensive participation of people with disabilities and older people by generating accessibility in designed areas of life: at home, at school, at work and traininig sites as well as in public areas. The agency's work follows the guidelines of disablitiy legislation (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz NRW) and the disability policy program of the federal state government of North Rhine-Westphalia concernig the reduction of barriers.

What we are doing

The acessibilitiy agency NRW advices people with disablities and their lobby organisations as well as decision makers in public administration, policy and economy in North Rhine-Westphalia. Citizen-friendly, feasible and reasonable solutions that generate accessibilty and improve people's environment shall be initiated and implemented by means of information, training and guidance services, accompanied by target group oriented awareness programs.

Our work focuses on

  • Public relation, web based information and service
    contact: Michael Hubert , BSc. Occ. Ther., Tel. 0 23 35 - 96 81 65
  • Individual mobility, public transport and travelling
    contact: Michael Schmidt, Dipl.-Soz.Wiss., Tel. 0 23 35 - 96 81 24
  • Technical aids, building services and devices for individual and target group specific support
    Michael Hubert , BSc. Occ. Ther., Tel. 0 23 35 - 96 81 65
    Janus Nedza, Dipl. Ing., 0 23 35 - 96 81 66
    Rainer Zott, Dipl. Ing. (FH), 0 23 35 - 96 81 46
  • Barrier-free Building in public areas
    contact: Martin Philippi, architect und Dipl.-Ing. urban management, Tel. 0 23 35 - 96 81 25
  • Collaboration with lobby organisations and support on the preparation of target agreements with local authorities
    contact: Anke Schwarze, Ass. jur., 0 23 35 - 96 81 26
  • Accessibility in an European context
    contact: Wolfgang Schmitz, Dipl. Ing. 0 23 35 96 81 31

More and comprehensive information is presented on our project website.


  • responsible body of the accessibility agency (Agentur Barrierefrei) NRW is:
    Research Institute Technology and Disability ()
    Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein
  • Co-operating partner and member of the co-ordinating board:
    Landesbehindertenrat NRW e.V. (LBR NRW)
    Spitzenverband der Behinderten-Selbsthilfe in NRW

Project dates

Last Updated at Wednesday, 26 January 2011